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Ranking the IPL 2020 kits

The Dream11 IPL2020 kicked off only a few days ago but we’ve already had umpiring controversy, super-over drama, and 400+ run games. If anyone was worried before the competition that not having fans in the stadiums might affect the intensity of the games, they definitely shouldn’t be concerned now.

A new season also brings new kits, because what’s the point of winning matches if you can’t do it looking stylish right?

We’ve ranked all eight IPL teams from worst to best based on the shirts they’ll be wearing for this year’s campaign. Whether you think the list is perfect, or that we’ve got it all wrong, please get in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with your thoughts!

8th: Delhi Capitals

Delhi Capitals IPL Kit 2020

The Delhi Capitals hold the unwanted record of being the only current IPL team not to have made it to the competition’s final. Now they hold the even more undesirable position as Tenner’s least favourite IPL kit of 2020!

The light blue colouring for the main body of the shirt is lovely and if the designers had kept it simple with this same design throughout then this kit might even be in our top three. But the red collar is completely out of place and gives the jersey a chaotic and frankly stressful look that we just can’t get along with.

7th: Kings XI Punjab

Kings XI Punjab IPL Kit 2020

We’re sorry Kings XI Punjab fans but even the Universe Boss Chris Gayle can’t make this kit look good. The shirt looks more like an advertising board than an IPL jersey with sponsors’ logos plastered all over it.

It’s not just in the kit department that Kings XI Punjab seem to be underachieving though. Despite featuring in all twelve seasons of the Indian Premier League, the team is yet to win the tournament. It’s safe to say that KXIP fans will be hoping that their players perform better than their kit designers this season.

6th: Sunrisers Hyderabad

Sunrisers Hyderabad IPL Kit 2020

This kit from the Sunrisers Hyderabad isn’t bad, it’s just a bit boring if we’re completely honest. While other teams have looked to switch up their designs over the years it seems that the Sunrisers have been happy to stick with pretty much the same kit time and time again. How we feel about the kit is probably best summarised by the expressions on Bhuvi Kumar and David Warner’s faces: unimpressed.

The question is, will an average kit mean an average season for the Hyderabad team?

5th: Mumbai Indians

Mumbai Indians IPL Kit 2020

This effort from the Mumbai Indians is basically a better version of the Delhi Capitals shirt. It’s a nice, simple design with colours that complement each other in a very tidy way. The pinstripes are subtle and if Rohit Sharma’s pose is anything to go by, the Mumbai Indians mean business again this year after winning the competition in 2019.

The only reason this jersey is not higher on the list is because of the unusual zip down collar. It’s the kind of design you’d expect to find on a golf shirt, and although Hardik Pandya will inevitably be teeing off in the IPL this year, we’re not sure it’s quite right for the cricket pitch.

4th: Chennai Super Kings

Chennai Super Kings IPL kit 2020

Much like the Chennai Super Kings’ talisman MS Dhoni, this kit is both eye-catching and highly effective. Having a simple collar with an almost entirely yellow kit means that little details like the blue and red side stripes and the signature Chennai lion stand out even more. Good job CSK.

3rd: Kolkata Knight Riders

Kolkata Knight Riders IPL Kit 2020

This kit is a real gem from the Kolkata Knight Riders, combining their traditional regal colours of purple and yellow with a modern design to create a memorable and stylish shirt. The yellow fades in from the bottom and the top with sleek and subtle colouring around the shoulder pads. The only element that lets this jersey down is the luminous yellow of the sponsor, which we feel clashes with the more tasteful colour palette that form the rest of this shirt.

KKR are sponsored by Nokia this year, and they’ll be praying that their batting lineup is as indestructible as a Nokia phone. If that proves to be the case, they will be hard to stop!

2nd: Royal Challengers Bangalore

Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL Kit 2020

Royal Challengers Bangalore may have finished bottom last year but they look like they are up for the fight this time around. We absolutely love this kit, with a clean and well laid out design as sharp as Virat Kohli’s facial hair. The RCB logo watermark even seems to match Virat Kohli and Umesh Yadav’s arm sleeves, now that’s attention to detail!

The gold sleeve cuffs are a charmingly subtle reminder of RCB’s royal roots, and if their performances are able to match the quality of their kit then there’s every chance they will be crowned the Kings of the IPL this year.

1st: Rajasthan Royals

Rajasthan Royals IPL Kit 2020

This Rajasthan Royals kit is our favourite from this year’s selection. It ticks so many boxes with its edgy design, complementary colour scheme, and well-integrated logo. The pink and the blue work so well together with the paint-splattered divide giving the kit a quirkiness that most other franchises would be too scared to go for.

As well as this, it was hard to overlook a shirt that had arguably the most impressive (and bizarre?) kit reveal video of all time. Trust us, it’s worth watching.

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