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Tenner Preview: The Community Shield

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

It’s been less than a week since the Champions League final and football is already back, with Arsenal facing Liverpool in the Community Shield this Saturday 29th August. Although this might not be the most anticipated fixture in the sporting calendar, Tenner is giving you a stake in the action in the form of a £400 cash prize if you can answer eight questions about the match correctly.

As if that weren’t enough, this article will preview those eight questions to help give you as much help as you need to get that mouth-watering cash prize.

Remember Tenner is free to play so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to win. Get involved by inputting your predictions on the Tenner App with the help of this sneak peek preview.

The Community Shield Trophy
The trophy the two teams will be competing for

Question 1: What will be the match result at half time and full time?

a. Liverpool / Liverpool

b. Draw / Liverpool

c. Any other result

Liverpool and Arsenal faced off three times last season, twice in the Premier League and once in the EFL Cup. Arsenal won one of these fixtures, Liverpool won another, and the EFL tie finished in a draw, which doesn’t help us that much!

However, Arsenal were ahead at half time in two of those fixtures which makes us think that Gunners being ahead either at half time or full time is a distinct possibility. For that reason, we are going with option C.

Tenner pick: C - Any other result

Question 2: How many goals will there be in the match?

a. 2 or fewer

b. 3

c. 4 or more

This matchup produced 17 goals in 3 games last year, including a remarkable EFL cup tie which ended 5-5. The goals certainly flow in this fixture and for that reason, we think 4 or more goals could be the option to go with.

Tenner pick: C - 4 or more

Question 3: How many yellow cards will be given?

a. 4 or fewer

b. 5-6

c. 7 or more

Arsenal and Liverpool were at two ends of the spectrum in terms of yellow card stats from the last Premier League campaign. The Gunners had the most yellow cards out of any team (86) while the Anfield men had the fewest (38).

This means that on average Arsenal received 2.26 yellow cards per game and Liverpool received 1 per game. It looks likely based on those stats that Option A will be the best bet.

Tenner pick: A - 4 or fewer

Question 4: How many shots on target will Sadio Mane record?

a. 0

b. 1

c. 2 or more

In all competitions last year Sadio Mane averaged 1 shot on target per game and we reckon that’s the number to go for on Saturday

Tenner pick: B - 1

Sadio Mane
Will Sadio Mane be able to guide Liverpool to another trophy under Jurgen Klopp?

Question 5: How many corners will Liverpool have?

a. 5 or fewer

b. 6-7

c. 8 or more

Liverpool recorded a whopping 257 corners in the 2019/2020 Premier League season, which was the second most of any club in the league. That works out at 6.76 corners per game so option B looks like it could be the one to go for.

Tenner pick: B - 6-7

Question 6: Which player will commit more fouls?

a. David Luiz

b. Virgil van Dijk

c. Tie

David Luiz committed an average of 0.8 fouls per game last season in all competitions, which is marginally higher than the 0.7 fouls per game that VVD committed. Based on these stats it’s a tough call but our inkling is that the Brazilian, who conceded a record-breaking 5 Premier League penalties last season, is more likely to commit a greater number of fouls on Saturday.

Tenner pick: A - David Luiz

Question 7: How many goals will Aubameyang and Salah score?

a. 0

b. 1

c. 2 or more

It’s been less than a month since Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s double helped Arsenal defeat Chelsea at Wembley. You wouldn’t bet against this happening again this weekend, but what do the stats say?

Aubameyang has scored twice in three out of his last four competitive matches but Salah hasn’t scored competitively since the beginning of July. Despite the drought we reckon these two stars will get two or more between them so we’re going with option C.

Tenner pick: C - 2 or more

Aubameyang footballer
Aubameyang scored twice on his last trip to Wembley less than a month ago

Question 8: How many saves will be made in the match?

a. 3 or fewer

b. 4-5

c. 6 or more

Liverpool’s shot-stopper Alisson averaged 2.1 saves per game in all competitions last season whereas Arsenal’s cup goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez averaged an impressive 3.5. Adding the averages together, we reckon option B might be the one to go for.

Tenner pick: B - 4-5

Get involved and see if you can do better than our predictions!

Whether you think we’ve got these predictions bang on, or that you could do miles better, have a go by predicting the match on the Tenner App and let us know how it goes.

Know anyone who thinks they know their football? Refer them through the app to earn an extra life and boost your chances of winning £400!


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