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The Tenner Super Predictors #9

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to win a game of Tenner and take home a huge jackpot, then wonder no longer. We’ve taken the time to interview some of the super predictors who have managed to win a Tenner game.

Find out what they spent their winnings on, where they were when they won the game, and what their top Tenner tip is for novice predictors. Who knows, if you follow their advice and win a game by downloading our app you could be on our blog before you know it!

This time around we've interviewed a Tenner player who won £75 last week!

Tenner Super Predictor #9 - Tyler W

Like our last Super Predictor Iman, Tyler won the Tenner game on the Wednesday matches of the Champions League. Tyler won £75 in matchday 5.

Which correct answer from your winning game were you most happy with and why?

The question that said “How many players will score 2 or more goals?” because it came down to the last minute of the games, when Neymar scored his second goal!

Where were you when you won?

In my living room, awaiting the results!

What will you spend your prize money on?

A nice dinner with my girlfriend for sure!

How long have you been playing Tenner for?

Nearly 2 months, but it has all been worth the fun and wait!

How often do you play Tenner?

I play Tenner whenever a game appears; I make sure not to miss a single one!

What’s your favourite sport to predict on Tenner and why?

Football, because it’s my favourite sport and I like to watch along, with my predictions to hand.

What’s your top Tenner tip for anyone who hasn’t won a game yet?

Don’t always go for the middle option, you need to pick some more unlikely outcomes because anything could happen!

What’s your favourite thing about Tenner?

Easy... it’s free!

Who's your sporting hero?

Heung-Min Son, always has a smile on his face. Extremely hard to dislike him.

Son: Always smiling

Follow Tyler on social media:

Instagram: @t_marc7

Twitter: @tylermTHFC

Download the Tenner app today!

Reckon you can do better than Tyler W? Then download the Tenner app today and see if your sporting knowledge can earn you cash prizes!


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