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The way we watch sports is changing. At Tenner, we want to give you a stake in every sporting match you watch.

The Tenner Mission

At Tenner, we recognise that the way we watch sport is changing. Can you remember the last time you watched five sets of tennis, or a day of test match cricket without checking your phone? Neither can we... But what if using our phones during a match could enhance our viewing experience rather than distracting us from it?


That’s where Tenner comes in.


The excitement of watching a sports match doesn’t have to be limited to one screen. We provide a live prediction game that can make every moment matter to you, where your phone makes a dull fixture into an exciting money-maker.


It’s our mission at Tenner to give you a vested interest in every sporting match you watch while ensuring you have nothing to lose. We are building the new generation of fan engagement and we want you to be part of it.

Our Journey


launched real-time knockout version of the mobile app
first official partnership with major federation
raised second round of seed funding


raised first external investment
acquired 2,500 BETA users with web version
generated first revenue with paying sponsor
launched beta version of tenner on web
joined img greenhouse program and founded tenner
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