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Tenner for Businesses

In addition to running games within our own mobile app, we help sports brands engage and acquire their own fans, using the Tenner platform.

Become a Tenner partner and make the most of the second screen experience.

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Acquire new users


Promote sponsors

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Boost fan engagement

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Increase store purchases

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Reach new demographics

What does a Tenner partnership look like?


Standalone Mobile App

We build you a mobile app using your brand & design.


Website Plug-in

Tenner gameplay is embedded into your own website.

Mobile App Plug-in

Tenner gameplay is embedded into your own mobile app.

Tenner can be integrated into whichever digital channels you like, depending on how your fans currently engage with your content.

Run your own Tenner games.

The user experience can be entirely customised to achieve your specific goals.

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Engage fans before and during the sports event.

Convert casual fans into signed up followers of your organisation.

Drive repeated interactions between your fans and sponsors.

Our partnership models

Our models are subscription-based services with an initial build cost.

Find a plan that suits your needs.

The client is provided with their own Admin Dashboard, where they can create new games, choosing matches, questions, and prizes.

Client operated


Tenner suggests questions and prizes for games you want to run. The client provides ongoing feedback and suggestions.

Full service

Tenner launches and runs games based on pre-defined guidelines provided by the client.


Smart features to maximise engagement

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Money-can't-buy prizes

Offer VIP experiences or signed memorabilia, as opposed to cash, to further hook fans in to your brand

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Trivia quizzes during offseason

Excite your fan base all year round, running games that don’t rely on live sport

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Personalized leaderboard

Promote the fan community, and improve audience loyalty with season-long leaderboards

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Seamless sharing

One-click referrals and smart rewards improve virality and organic growth within fanbase

If you're interested in learning more, we'd love to speak with you.

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