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  • Anish Thuraisingham

Ranking the 2020/21 Premier League Third Kits

To celebrate the return of Premier League football after the international break we've ranked all the third kits in the league from worst to best!


Manchester City

(Manchester City Shop)

It feels odd to start this list with what is essentially a branded t-shirt but this is what Man City have inexplicably gone for. You have to question whether any poor City fans will fork out the £70 required to get their hands on this atrocity. Automatic bottom place for a fundamental misunderstanding of what a football shirt actually looks like.




No, this kit is not a collaboration between the Croatia national team and McDonald's but rather the best idea that the Nike kit designers could come up with for Liverpool. You feel like that when the players don this outfit they'd look more suited to your local drive-through than the Anfield pitch but I guess Nike would beg to differ.



(Brighton and Hove Albion Online Store)

At a first glance you may be thinking this is a relatively nice kit (albeit elicits a slight sense of deja vu) so question its position so low down. However this is actually just Brighton's away kit from last season, which they've re-released as a third kit this year! The complete lack of originality means we can place it no higher than 18th.



(Footy Headlines)

One thing we love about third kits is that there is much more room for creativity and artistic expression than when designing the home and away kits. Sometimes that works well. Sadly for Spurs, that's not the case here. Their shirt looks like they hired a kid to play around in photoshop and turn every slider to 0 or 100. Is it any wonder Kane wanted to leave this summer?



(Brentford FC)

Unfortunately this kit is on the other end of the spectrum. It is just so dull. It doesn't fall into the Worst 5 Kits due to not being so visually offensive, but that's about its only upside.



(Footy Headlines)

So this may be a contentious one this just strongly resembles a goalkeepers kit, namely an Arsenal one from a couple of years back. It's clear that Norwich will have to do something different to stay in the division this year considering their previous attempts, so maybe that involves tricking the opposition into thinking they're playing with 10 goalkeepers? We're excited to watch that strategy unfold.



(NUFC store)

Our problem with this shirt is not so much the colour but rather the pattern. It seems to resemble a poor optical illusion. However, we do have to commend the designers for making the word 'FUN' so prominent on the shirt. Let's see how that goes down given the standard of football at St James Park under Bruce, and the mood of their fans.


Leicester City


We are now moving away from straight-up bad kits and more towards the lower end of mediocrity. Not a massive fan of the colouring here but the pink touches provide a nice touch. They're destined to catch the eye on an otherwise cold and rainy night in Azerbaijan during Leicester's European ventures.


West Ham

(West Ham Store)

This is simple in design, not dissimilar to the Brentford's white outfit but done better. The light blue sleeve ends and crest add some variation and elevate West Ham to 12th on our list. But Umbro, who designed both kits should really strive for some more creative designs.



(Football Shirt Culture)

Burnley's kits typically resemble their approach to football, no nonsense and nothing too fancy, and this is no exception. It is painfully similar to the West Ham's kit but placed one spot higher as we quite like the red stripes across the shoulders. It was always going to be a struggle to find a player in the Burnley squad who somewhat resembles a model, but Ashley Barnes is an interesting choice.


Aston Villa

(Shop AVFC)

Although the colour scheme on this kit is rather tasteful, we're not sure how we feel about the claw marks running down the shirt. It's certainly... original? If that's a subtle nod to the Lion on the crest then we have to give some credit to the designers. Middle of the list is probably about right for this one.




Everton have a history of some weird kit design choices, namely the Angry Birds collaboration from a few years back and this racing strip down the middle is no exception. For some reason we actually think it works, hence Everton breaks into our top 10.




This is simply a nice kit, nothing too complicated but what is there has been executed well. However we wonder if Wolves fans will enjoy watching their team play in this white kit, considering a certain beloved ex-manager is currently top of the league managing another team who play in white.


Crystal Palace

(Crystal Palace Football Club)

It is nice to see that Puma haven't gone completely mad when designing their third kits after the whole Man City (and AC Milan, Marseilles etc) debacle and they've come up with a solid kit for Palace this year. We're a big fan of the half-half split of colours on the front and are pleased to see this simple pattern given its relative rarity in today's game.




Lilac and white is a classic combo and hence Leeds earn their place in 6th position on our list. The perception of Leeds has changed massively between their relegation from the top flight and their return. They are quickly become the neutral's favourites and this kit will do no harm in enticing the football hipsters.



(Southampton FC)

Similar to the Leeds kit, this is simply a very solid design with a nice colour scheme. In our opinion full black kits are under utilised in football so we've placed this in our top 5. Various managers have been complaining about rugby-style challenges in the league this season - in case there was any confusion, Southampton have helpfully imprinted football pitches across their shirt to remind us what sport we're watching.




Watford are back in the Premier League yet again and this time they've returned with a bang, at least in terms of third kits. This one has a lovely colour palette and a creative pattern. Our only problem is that the sponsor is too prominent - althought that's unlikely to be a problem for the sponsor... Unfortunately for Watford fans we're predicting this kit might be the highlight of their season.



(Footy Headlines)

Just as their shirt sponsor would predict, the European Champions make the podium. Creative patterning elevates this offering and it should be interesting to see if Tuchel's side's performances match the quality of the kit. Blues fans will be hoping they finish higher than 3rd in the league table, but it's a respectable position on this list.



(The Short Fuse)

As Arsenal's on field performances have deteriorated over the seasons the quality of their kits have remarkably improved and this year is no exception. In honesty it is a shame that such a nice kit is being wasted on a team that's currently playing so poorly and we doubt the quality of this kit will do much to quell the anger of the Gunners faithful.


Manchester United

(Soccer Outputs)

Its a 1-2 for Adidas as Manchester United top the list with this offering. This kit is everything a third kit should be: it strikes a perfect balance of creative, eye catching, and tasteful. And who better to model this beauty than their returning hero, Cristiano Ronaldo?

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Can't wait for Brighton's banana yellow 4th kit next

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