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The Tenner Super Predictors #2

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to win a game of Tenner and take home a huge jackpot, then wonder no longer. We’ve taken the time to interview some of the super predictors who have managed to win a Tenner game.

Find out what they spent their winnings on, where they were when they won the game, and what their top Tenner tip is for novice predictors. Who knows, if you follow their advice and win a game by downloading our app you could be on our blog before you know it!

Our second featured Super Predictor has won two separate Tenner games, making him the most successful Tenner predictor of all time, so listen up!

Tenner Super Predictor #2 - Ewan

@ewanharris (Twitter)

Winning games: Chelsea vs Liverpool, 3rd Mar 2020 AND England vs Australia T20, 4th Sep 2020

Prize money won: £225 AND £100

Which correct answer from your winning game(s) were you most happy with and why?

I think my favourite guess was picking Chelsea to be winning at 37 minutes and the last goal being between the 63rd and 78th minute. I was at the Chelsea Liverpool FA cup game with my Liverpool supporting mate so to get to celebrate an Adrian howler and a Ross Barkley screamer right in his face will always be a highlight. I make sure to tag him whenever Chelsea share replays of the Barkley goal – one of the greats.

Ross Barkley footballer
Ross Barkley was the hero in Ewan's first Tenner win

Where did you watch the match(es) / where were you when you won?

The Chelsea Liverpool game I was in the stands, half keeping track of my Tenner progress but it’s pretty hard to track whether Pedro has more shots on target or successful tackles live… I was walking to Earls Court tube when I worked out how to get the stat on my phone and realised I’d won.

The England Australia T20 I was at home with a bit more of an eye on Tenner. England were so out of the game I thought I had no chance but we slowly clawed our way back and it made the last over pretty nervy!

How long have you been playing Tenner?

My first game was England France in the 6 Nations in early February

Jonny May England Rugby

How often do you play Tenner?

I play most games now just because there’s always a chance. I don’t really know anything about the NBA but I’ll always take some guesses as it may pay off eventually.

What’s your favourite sport to predict on Tenner and why?

Probably Cricket or Football just because they’re the sports I’m most invested in anyway, so it just ups the stakes a bit.

What’s your top Tenner tip for anyone who hasn’t won a game yet?

Always wait for the teams to come out before guessing. So often a question will be about a player who isn’t in the squad or is on the bench. Helps you get 1/8 before the game has even kicked off.

What’s your favourite thing about Tenner?

If you’re just watching a random Premier League game with mates and it’s on in the background, it adds an extra bit of drama where we’re suddenly a bit more invested because we need some random winger to complete a few more dribbles.

Who’s your sporting hero?

I can’t split it between three: Frank Lampard, Jofra Archer and Samuele Pagano. Frank is living dream. He played football at the highest level, scored goals for fun, has a whole club absolutely adore him and now gets to go back and manage there with all his mates from his playing days. Pre-match build up wouldn’t be the same without a quick trademark serious point, joke, haha no but serious point again from Frank.

frank lampard

Jofra is just so flair. Travels the world, bowling 90mph with a huge chain bouncing around. I’m not even sure he likes cricket that much, just likes being around the lads so he can play Warzone with them after a day’s play.

Finally, Pags. The best footballer you’ve probably never heard of. The nicest man you’ll meet with an absolute wand of a left foot. He was simply untouchable on a Wednesday afternoon somewhere on Durdham Downs.

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