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The Tenner Super Predictors #8

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to win a game of Tenner and take home a huge jackpot, then wonder no longer. We’ve taken the time to interview some of the super predictors who have managed to win a Tenner game.

Find out what they spent their winnings on, where they were when they won the game, and what their top Tenner tip is for novice predictors. Who knows, if you follow their advice and win a game by downloading our app you could be on our blog before you know it!

This time around we've interviewed a Tenner player who won £125 last week!

Tenner Super Predictor #8 - Iman Pirmohamed

Iman won £125 playing the Tenner game on the Wednesday matches of game week 4 of the Champions League.

Which correct answer from your winning game were you most happy with and why?

I was most happy with the 'how many goals will the away team score?'. I answered between 9-10, so very precise. That one was tricky because there are 8 different matches that you have to account for, so I'm pleased I got that one dead on! I also used my extra life on this particular game, and that came in handy because I got one prediction wrong!

Mo Salah Liverpool footballer
Foden's goal at Olympiakos helped Iman to a win

Where were you when you won?

I was actually just going about my normal day when I found out that I had won... I checked the app and was really shocked to find that my balance said £125! I couldn't quite believe it, so double checked.

What will you spend your prize money on?

I might spend the winnings on a new football shirt or two, although Christmas is coming so I think I'll use it to buy my family some gifts!

How long have you been playing Tenner for?

I have only actually been playing Tenner for a few days. My friend had introduced me to it a few days prior to my winning game, after he won a small amount, so I decided to give it a go. When I screenshotted that I had won and sent it to him he couldn't believe it! I think this was my third prediction game and I won, so I definitely lucked out there. He had played over 80 games and only won about £16!

How often do you play Tenner?

I play Tenner whenever I can really. It doesn't take much time at all and is a fun way to add a little extra spice to sports.

What’s your favourite sport to predict on Tenner and why?

I love predicting football, as well as tennis. But I predict on anything to be honest! I'm into all sports really, so I'll predict on anything (even though I'll probably never predict correctly!).

What’s your top Tenner tip for anyone who hasn’t won a game yet?

I guess my tip is to keep on trying, but also don't overthink it! Sometimes the best predictions can be the ones that you don't overthink and just casually guess on because sports is so unpredictable and doesn't always end up following logic!

What’s your favourite thing about Tenner?

My favourite thing about Tenner is the variety of sports you can predict, as well as the number of different sports matches that you can predict. There's always something that you can test your sporting knowledge on!

Who's your sporting hero?

My sporting hero would be Rafael Nadal. I think he has the strongest mentality of any professional athlete. He embodies the never give up attitude, and would die on a tennis court if it meant that he could win. And on top of that, he's so humble and kind off court. He's a normal guy who loves his family, loves to fish and go out to eat, but has this insatiable appetite to be competitive and win tennis matches!

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