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The Tenner Super Predictors #5

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to win a game of Tenner and take home a huge jackpot, then wonder no longer. We’ve taken the time to interview some of the super predictors who have managed to win a Tenner game.

Find out what they spent their winnings on, where they were when they won the game, and what their top Tenner tip is for novice predictors. Who knows, if you follow their advice and win a game by downloading our app you could be on our blog before you know it!

In this blog, we’ve got a Tenner winner who netted himself £500, so read on to discover how you could be the next to take home a huge jackpot!

Tenner Super Predictor #5 - Rory

@roryf94 (Instagram)

Rory won a huge £500 on our Real Madrid vs Manchester City game at the Bernabéu on 26th February 2020!

Which correct answer from your winning game were you most happy with and why?

Correctly guessing the number of players that received a yellow card. I find this question hardest because it depends on so many factors. Fortunately in this game no mass brawl broke out between the Manchester City and Real Madrid players!

Mo Salah Liverpool footballer
Red for Ramos, but Rory correctly predicted the number of yellows

Where did you watch the match / where were you when you won?

I was following the match on the BBC Sport feed at work. I was on the edge of my seat towards the end of the game and was constantly refreshing, as I thought I had everything right up to that point.

How long have you been playing Tenner for?

I won on my first game in late February this year, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to repeat the trick since.

How often do you play Tenner?


What’s your favourite sport to predict on Tenner and why?

Football. I follow this sport most closely and I feel that it is the only sport I know enough about to predict a result. In recent weeks, however, I have found myself playing other sports from cricket to UFC.

What’s your top Tenner tip for anyone who hasn’t won a game yet?

If you are feeling particularly confident about a result, you can use your extra life. I only got 7/8 questions right but, as I had used my extra life, ended up winning.

What’s your favourite thing about Tenner?

The fact that you can win prizes without staking any money is great. There is no downside to playing and it is therefore more enjoyable than a traditional bet. I also like seeing what the majority opinion is, and whether you have gone with the consensus or for a more outlandish option.

Who’s your sporting hero?

Roger Federer. The number of years he has spent at the top of the game is incredible. As a follower of Scottish rugby, I’m also a big fan of Finn Russell and the flair he brings to the team.

Dean Windass footballer
Idol: Rory's sporting hero Roger Federer

Download the Tenner app today!

Reckon you can do better than Rory? Then download the Tenner app today and see if your sporting knowledge can earn you cash prizes!


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