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The Tenner Super Predictors #6 and #7

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to win a game of Tenner and take home a huge jackpot, then wonder no longer. We’ve taken the time to interview some of the super predictors who have managed to win a Tenner game.

Find out what they spent their winnings on, where they were when they won the game, and what their top Tenner tip is for novice predictors. Who knows, if you follow their advice and win a game by downloading our app you could be on our blog before you know it!

This time around we have interviews with two Tenner winners who tell us how they managed to take home £350 between them!

Tenner Super Predictor #6 and #7 - Matthew and Keiran

Matthew won £100 playing the Tenner game on the first T20 international between England and Australia on 4th September.

Meanwhile, Keiran earned himself a huge £250 on our PSG vs Manchester United game in the first gameweek of the Champions League group stages.

Which correct answer from your winning game were you most happy with and why?

Matthew: It's got to be the England win. Not because it was the hardest question to answer, but because the match was so tight throughout.

Keiran: How many goals will be scored in the match.

Mo Salah Liverpool footballer
Matthew had extra reason to celebrate England's fightback

Where did you watch the match / where were you when you won?

Matthew: I was actually on holiday in Croatia, and so was in an Airbnb watching on my laptop!

Keiran: I wasn't able to watch the match unfortunately and I was at work when I found out I won.

How long have you been playing Tenner for?

Matthew: For a couple of months.

Keiran: I have been playing tenner for about 2 months.

How often do you play Tenner?

Matthew: I normally have a go at any game/sport that is on there. Even if it's on cycling which I know nothing about. The great thing about it is that it's free to play so it's always worth having a guess in case you get lucky!

Keiran: I play 3-4 games on Tenner a week.

What’s your favourite sport to predict on Tenner and why?

Matthew: I like cricket. I feel like it's a very stats driven game, at least more than for football for example and so I find it is easier to predict. Plus I know more about cricket than most other sports so that helps!

Keiran: Football is my favourite sport to predict as I have no idea about any other sports.

What’s your top Tenner tip for anyone who hasn’t won a game yet?

Matthew: Invite anyone you know to play the game. I won by guessing 7/8 correctly. Luckily I had an extra life to give me the win!

Keiran: Keep playing - you never know when you will win.

What’s your favourite thing about Tenner?

Matthew: It's free to play!

Keiran: It doesn't cost a penny to play and you could land £250 like I did or maybe more.

Who's your sporting hero?

I don't know about hero but someone I admire greatly is LeBron James. The standard that he has maintained throughout his career is incredible. But even more impressive is the way he seems to carry himself off the court. Every one of his teammates and opposition seems to have nothing but respect for him and he also is not afraid to fight and stand up for injustices in society. He puts a lot on his back and carries it with great dignity. I have a lot of respect for him.

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